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Balloonzeez is hours of fun without the hassle!

A kid’s birthday party staple gets an upgrade with patented self-sealing valve technology. Now, your kids can blow up balloons on their own without having to tie them off — creating hours of independent play and big smiles on their faces!

Balloonzeez is easy for anyone to blow up (including kids!), holds the air every time, and holds the air for a week. When it deflates, you can simply blow it back up and reuse!

Founded by father-son duo Gerry and Paul Allard alongside long-time collaborator Jason Cole, Balloonzeez is revolutionizing the balloon industry with their innovative, patented technology. Driven by the joy kids experience when blowing up the balloons, the three love watching the kids light up and being able to give them a tool that they can be successful with when they’ve struggled with blowing up balloons in the past.


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